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Dead-End Certainty



Copyright September 2, 2004 4:05 AM CST

By The L. F. Nexus





A growing number of psychiatrists are now promoting a new theory called the “Dead-End Certainty Theory.”  This theory states that the foundation of truth is certainty rather than intelligence.  STOP!  THIS IS CRITICAL!  YOU NEED TO GET THIS!  We are talking about three things:





What do we mean by “the foundation of truth”?  The foundation of truth is whatever you count on to prove to you that something is true.  For, example, most people believe that if they see a thing happen, it is true that it happened.  For them, seeing a thing is a foundation of truth.  Most people believe that, if they can physically touch a thing, that thing physically exists.  For them, the sensation of touch is a foundation of truth.


Well, the proponents of “dead-end certainty” want you to believe something very strange.  They want you to believe that your mind is a box that nothing can get into.  They would have you believe, therefore, that the only way you can know anything for sure is if there is something conscious in your mind to accomplish this.  This something is what they call dead-end certainty.  Now, we all know that there is such a thing as certainty but that is not what these “brilliant” psychiatrists are talking about.  What they are saying is that certainty is the final authority for the knowledge of what is true!


What is certainty and what is intelligence?  Certainty is a state of mind.  Intelligence is a condition of mind.  A state is transient, passing, temporary.  A condition is permanent.  Certainty is temporary.  Intelligence is permanent.  Certainty tells you that you know something is true.  Intelligence FORCES you to build on what is true and PREVENTS you from building on what is false.  In terms of experience, certainty is on the same order as feeling.  Intelligence can best be thought of as a kind of machinery of the mind.  Certainty does nothing.  Intelligence does more things than you can count.  It is intelligence that keeps you on the road of truth, not certainty!!!


Now, some of you might have a hard time seeing the importance of all of this; so, an illustration is in order:


John Bauer was a bus driver.  He started reading about a new theory called the “Dead-End Certainty Theory.”  He became convinced that all he had to do was to rely on certainty to guide him in life and that he could ignore his intelligence.  One day, a mugger got on his bus, shoved a gun in his face, and demanded that the bus driver take him somewhere off the regular bus route.  The bus driver, having certainty that the mugger would back down, was convinced that he had nothing to be afraid of and refused to comply.


The mugger shot the bus driver.


Witnesses on the bus say…that as the bus driver lie dying he spoke these words:  “if only I had followed my God-given intelligence.”