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Copyright April 7, 2004 10:09 AM CST

By Dr. Michael J. Bisconti


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By Dr. Michael J. Bisconti




The term “ornography” refers to pornography.


The following is an email sent out on April 7, 2004.



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April 7, 2004



Hello everyone.  We trust that you are all doing well.


Today the world demands science for everything.  Not only that, they want reports of firsthand experience.  This is true even when it comes to the subject of pornography.  This creates an obvious dilemma - how do we get the information we need without exposing ourselves to the perverseness of pornography?  It took us a couple of years but we finally figured out a way to do this - the answer lies in a judicious use of computers and computer programs.  Computers and computer programs cannot be tempted and cannot sin.  They are perfect for the job.  Note that, though computers and computer programs cannot be tempted and cannot sin, they can be used to commit certain sinful acts and to harm others.


What we needed, specifically, were computers running what are known as "GAP programs."  "GAP" stands for "Graphic Analyzer Program."  A GAP program is a program that examines millions of images, stores data regarding those images, organizes the image data, and then reports any patterns in those images.  We call our principal GAP program the "GAP Pornography Buster" or "GABE" for short.


Here is what GABE did:


This part is technical.  You might want to skip it.


1.  Examined 100 million images.

2.  Stored data for each of the 100 million images.

3.  Organized the data into image data categories.

4.  Looked for pattern data within each image data category.

5.  Stored the image-data-category pattern data.

6.  Looked for pattern data within the image-data-category pattern data.

7.  Stored the image-data-category, pattern-data pattern data.


We're done with the technical part.


Here are GABE's conclusions:




All pornographic images fall into 6 general categories.  Each of these general categories can be broken down into around 111 subcategories.  When added together we find that there are 666 subcategories.  Is the number of subcategories a coincidence?




All pornographic images conform to the 666 subcategories.




Pornography holds NOTHING NEW beyond the 666 subcategories.


The last conclusion is CRITICAL.  People are looking for an endless source of meaning and joy.  PORNOGRAPHY WON'T DO IT!  IT MAY TAKE AWHILE BUT, AFTER A PERSON HAS EXAMINED ALL 666 SUBCATEGORIES, THEY WILL FIND NOTHING BUT EMPTINESS!!!  Now, we didn't have to go through all this trouble to know this was true but so many refuse to believe the Bible or even their own hearts that it was the only way we could get the message across to many of them - God is the only source of meaning and joy and, in particular, as he has revealed himself through his Son, our Lord Jesus Christ!



Yours In Our Lord And Saviour,


Dr. Michael Bisconti, D.Sc., Ph.D.


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