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Copyright December 11, 2003 2:12 PM CST

By Dr. Michael J. Bisconti

Reviewed By Dr. Susan M. Manheim


Updated February 8, 2009 7:05 AM CST

Copyright February 8, 2009 7:05 AM CST

By Dr. Michael J. Bisconti

Reviewed By Dr. Susan M. Manheim




How do you find a husband according to the Lord and according to the Bible?Follow these steps (listed in order of importance):



  1. If you are not a Christian, become one.See How To Get To Heaven.


  1. Be sure you are living a righteous life.God provides more wisdom to the righteous than the unrighteous.


  1. The Bible says that people who join together in any kind of relationship - spouse, friend, co-worker, etc. - must be in agreement.Therefore, you must know that your future husband agrees, above all else, to do the will of God (what is right, what is best).You will find the will of God at The Will Of God For Mature Adults.


  1. Find a man who agrees with Godís major principles of marriage.You will find the major principles of marriage at Marriage.


  1. Marriage is more than a union of Christians.It is also the union of human beings.That means that you and your future husband must be in agreement about things that are not explicitly commanded by God.For example, there is no verse in the Bible that says you should marry an astronaut.The Bible simply says that you should marry a Christian.However, if you are an astronaut, you will be happier if you marry an astronaut.You will be happier if you marry someone who will not prevent you from satisfying the personal desires that God has put in your heart.Therefore, you must know that your future husband agrees with your personal desires.If you do not know the personal desires of your heart, then, the personal desire of your heart is simply to live a great life.In that case, you simply need to find a man who wants to live a great life.


  1. Find someone you love.Love is not physical attraction.Youíll notice that this was not the number one step.That is because the Bible teaches that love should follow the mind and not that the mind should follow love.


  1. Find someone that loves you.Again, love is not physical attraction.


  1. Do not be overly concerned about whether the other person is physically attractive.Physical attraction is a chameleon.It will come and go depending on a variety of factors.


  1. Find someone who is not overly concerned about whether you are physically attractive.Again, physical attraction is a chameleon and will come and go depending on a variety of factors.


  1. If you must choose between men who fit everything that we have described above, choose a rich man over a poor man.God does not love poverty.


  1. Go where you can find a righteous man.It is true that you can find a righteous man in many places.However, you are more likely to find a righteous man in some places than in other places.Here are some suggestions:


    1. Church
    2. PTA Meeting
    3. Family gathering


  1. Be more concerned about having a beautiful soul then about having a beautiful appearance.


  1. Make yourself as beautiful as possible.Part of the reason men, and women, get married is for the beauty that their spouse brings into their life.If you are overweight, lose weight.If your hair is a mess, fix it.If you use makeup, use as little as possible.


  1. God has other principles that can help you find a husband.You can find these other principles in the Bible.