Pneumiatry (Pneumiatric Medicine)

Including Pneumiatric Psychiatry



The Healthy Lifestyle

Maintaining Good Health

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The Child's Healthy Lifestyle

Maintaining The Health Of A Child


The Mentally Healthy Lifestyle

Maintaining Good Mental Health


Bad Psychiatry Versus Good Psychiatry


First Paramedic/Parapsychiatrist Training In History


Paramedic/Parapsychiatrist Training For Ministers A Must


Pneumiatric Mental Health Clinic

Specializing In The Spiritual & Psychiatric Needs Of The Faith Community


Pneumiatry Institute Supports Bisconti Clinic

Bisconti Neurosurgical & Psychiatric Clinic


The Pneumiatry Institute

The Official Website


Unified Field Theory Of The Mind

The Unified Field Theory Of Pneumiatric Psychiatry

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Two Hundred Thousand Page Exposition


Chicago Pneumiatric Hospital

Where Doctor And Pastor Serve Together



Including Pneumiatric Psychiatry

The Most Advanced Psychiatry In The World


The Pneumiatric Mental Health Dictionary

AKA Dictionary Of Pneumiatric Psychiatry

The Most Advanced Dictionary Of Psychiatry In The World


The Devil And Sigmund Freud Database

There Is No S Drive


The Psychiatric Trillion Pages

From Antiquity To Freud To Menninger To Today

One Trillion Pages Of Virtual Supercomputer Analysis And Synthesis



The Largest Psychiatric Library In The World


The Bisconti Journals

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Dr. Biscontis Anonymous Clients Psychiatric Medical Records

One Million Pages Printed With Clients Permission (Covering The Years 1972 - 2004)


The Bisconti Research Papers

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Ten Million Pages (Covering The Years 1967 - 2004)


Professional Pages

For Pneumiatric Psychiatrists, Doctors, Etc.


The Psychiatric Obituaries

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Ten Psychiatric Ideas That Destroyed Nations


National Psychiatric Association

The Better Standard For American Psychiatry


The American Psychiatric Association

No Longer The Nations Most Esteemed Psychiatric Organization


The Secret War Between Pneumiatric Psychiatry And Atheistic Psychiatry

Atheistic Psychiatrists Struggling To Take Over The American Psychiatric Association


What To Do When You Can't Get The Money That You Need

Moving From Experience To Insight